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Shiba Reiichiro -芝 怜一朗-
28 August 2009 @ 02:57 pm
I guess things can be pretty interesting on this boat after all. Poisonous gas seems like an odd thing to have covering an entire deck but maybe that's all for kicks. It's all been taken care of now so good job everyone. Maybe next time if anything happens again I'll lend more of a hand.

Mimmi-chan, are you dead or alive? I'm afraid I can't really tell at the moment.
Shiba Reiichiro -芝 怜一朗-
23 August 2009 @ 09:50 am
[ The brunette had finally managed his way to the surface with a bit of wandering here and there despite the good intentions of the other members on the ship. One day here and he already had a date. Shiba was glad to know his charm hadn't changed with becoming a death god, or that his ability to lead people on were just as strong as ever.

He was humming a soft melody to himself as he pattered about the deck, looking out to the water with a slight awe. It seemed to go on forever and yet--He really couldn't help but think this was part of crossing over. It was the only reasonable explanation. Maybe that Chitose had it out for him in his sleep, breaking his core and destroying his body.

Curiosity at that, he tried to form his scythe but to no avail. Simply that misty air of almost forming the object before vanishing with the breeze. He couldn't help but pout at that. He'd just have to wait for his date.
Shiba Reiichiro -芝 怜一朗-
21 August 2009 @ 05:40 am
[ Audio . Japanese ]

Where am I? The last thing that I remember... There couldn't have been an accident but it would explain a lot.

[ There is a drawn out silence. ]

Oh. I understand now. Is this because of ARRC?Those ferrymen from shore. might be so
When just thinking, I will be able to have finally a little enjoyment.

The people who receive this message might not know Japanese.

[ There is a cough and some clearing of the throat. ]

[ Audio . English ]
Heeeeeeeeeeeeee~llooooooooooooooooooooo~? Is this thing on? If you can hear me, respond by holding up two fingers. Just kidding. Reply normally.

[ Audio . Japanese ]

Or, maybe they know Chinese..?

...Or it could just be Japanese.

We will see.
Shiba Reiichiro -芝 怜一朗-
02 January 2009 @ 06:28 pm
Your Name: Serena/Fin
Age: 18
Username: faded_neko
Email: morrow_x@hotmail.com
IM: canhaschika

Character Name: Shiba Reiichiro
Series: Zombie-Loan
Timeline: After his second "death", when the Wheel of Fortune organization focuses its attacks more directly at Z-Loan (Volume 6/7)
Background: Wikipedia
Spoken / written languages: Japanese (mother tongue), English, Chinese
Abilities: As far as Shiba's abilities are concerned, he can summon his weapons via ectoplasm, which is like a bit like a mist. From this he can form either a small blade or a scythe. As he has also absorbed the core of a Death God, Shiba's abilities from the ones he obtained as simply as zombie has expanded. Zombie Power including: Anything once alive that was killed by the guy will become a less concious zombie like himself, most often sent to do his bidding. With the core of the death god, Shiba is now able to perform abilities above and beyond that of any human. He can disappear and reappear at will, jump higher, move faster, etc, etc.
Items: The extent of what Shiba usually carries with him is the clothes on his back (white button up, black trench coat, red slacks, shoes) and perhaps a lighter and pack of smokes.
Third Person Sample: There was always something about heights, being above the earth and looking down over the busy city of Tokyo. It was like watching ants. The kind of sensation a person has only when their a child for they are capable of choosing life or death for the small perhaps insignificant being but for Shiba being so high above everyone meant something else. It wasn't just the fact he had that ability on those down below, it was more that being so high up was a place of comfort. A place where he wasn't tied down to anyone or anything. He hated the sentimental feeling but it was all very comforting in its own respect.
The traffic sounds seemed so distant, like he was in another world all together. The only thing he could think to remember at that moment was what Chika had told him all those years ago. Let's go somewhere...
The powers he managed to obtain from that Shinigami were still quite fresh and he really did want to get the hang of them, so naturally he focused and attempted to locate his dear friend. What better then a long waited reunion? Chika had thought him to be dead anyways and these kind of surprises were just the ones Shiba liked best. Eyes closed, he searched for that one of a kind frequency starting out with nobodies and slowly working his way closer to his target. He could see the rings now.. One, two, three... He stopped on four, opening his eyes and smirking with a sadistic satisfaction. It wasn't Chika but this target would certainly share an appeal. If anything, he would just save the best for last. Humans with the desire to live on were so incredibly exciting when standing face to face with death.
He rose from his seat on the edge of the building's roof, stepping back and drawing out his scythe in a slight glow of dark light.
"Oi, Reiichiro," Chitose, one of those stupid ARRC members remarked, "Where do you think you're going?"
He had to mentally cring at the use of his first name. He hated it. Not even Chika was allowed to use it which gave the blondie next to no right, "To have a bit of fun, that's all. Tell Hakka-chan I'll be back later if he starts to worry."
There was a brief wink before he jumped down over the side of the building, concentration again to where his target lie. He wanted to make the guy squeel, cry, beg for mercy after all, his next target was part of the reason why Chika had suffered such an ill fate.
First Person Sample: I'm so bored, but I guess that's to be expected with one week of doing nothing. Everyone else is out having fun, doing things, even attending classes or church would be more entertaining then this. I could really use a shower...

It'd be a lot more fun if I could get out again sometime but it's always nag nag nag if I do anything on my own. So annoying, those guys from across the shore. It was a lot more fun when we were fighting but they said I'd be able to fight Chika again. That would be nice. Like a breath of fresh air.

Thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations, and thou shalt be called, the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in.

Preferred Quarters: PICK AWAY OH MIGHTY ONES.
Shiba Reiichiro -芝 怜一朗-
02 January 2009 @ 06:20 pm

Shiba Reiichiro -芝 怜一朗-
21 August 2008 @ 02:01 am
[There's some static before the device begins to record]

-er... Heeeeh~? What's this? It's sort of like a radio. Can it recieve transmissions too, I wonder.


[Several buttons are pressed, there is more static]

Ooooh~! This thing has text too!


This doesn't seem so bad. It's kind of deserted around here though. What's the point in running if there's nothing to run from? So boring~

Or no where to run. Heh, what a creepy note.

Saa~ Now to find some signs of life~
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